Traditional Gutters

Traditional K-Style Gutters


Custom fabricated on site to fit the unique design of your home, our seamless aluminum Traditional K-Style Gutter System will protect your home for many years to come from the torrential downpours so common to the Houston area.

By installing a seamless aluminum gutter system, meaning one continuous piece of gutter on straight sections, instead of sectional gutters, you greatly reduce the risk of your gutters leaking and weakening.

Sectional gutters, which are primarily made of PVC and vinyl, weaken at the seams, or joints, over time which causes leaks. This happens because the constant expansion and contraction of the gutters have a tendency to splinter the caulk at the seams, requiring constant maintenance and recaulking.Experience
On the other hand, seamless aluminum gutters provide more durability and can often last as long as the home! They will not succumb to rust, either, the way steel gutters will.

Our Traditional Gutter System comes in three different sizes, 5″, 6″, and 7″, as well as a variety of colors to perfectly match your home’s exterior.

Let Rain Mizer help you prevent water damage from ever occurring to your home. Contact us today for more information…

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