Classic Gutter Guard

Rain Mizer Classic Gutter Guard

Classic Gutter Guard
Small Hole Powder Coated Steel Screen

(9/32″ x 3/16″ Diamond Shaped Hole Size)

Maximize your home’s rain gutter performance with Rain Mizer ‘s Classic Gutter Guard.  The Classic Gutter Guard was the first powder coated small hole screen design to feature patented spring tension installation. This spring tension action allows it to be installed on the back of the gutter mounting hangers, eliminating the need to slide the screen under the shingles and risking damage to the shingles, causing even more rainwater problems.

With our Classic Gutter Guard installed on your home, you will have the peace of mind knowing that…

  • The smaller hole design helps eliminate many debris particles from entering the gutter.
  • The “Dogleg” back edge technology holds the screen up, eliminating the problem of  debris collecting on the back edge of the screen and clogging up the screen, an occurrence which is very common with other screens.
  • The three 90° bends at the front of the screen gives it optimal strength, allowing the guard to “snap” under the gutter lip, forcing the water to track back into the gutter.
  • The front three 90° bends forces the installation of the guard below the front gutter lip, which decreases the activity of water steaks on the face of the gutter.
  • The installation process does not disturb the front row of shingles, eliminating the chance of damaged shingles.

Interested in having the Classic Gutter Guard installed on your gutters? Contact Rain Mizer today!