Advanced Gutter Guard

Rain Mizer Advanced Gutter Guard

Advanced Gutter GuardTiny Hole Powder Coated Steel Screen

(5/32″ Honey Comb Shaped Hole Size)

The newest addition to Rain Mizer’s Gutter Protection line up, the Advanced Gutter Guard revolutionizes the Gutter Guard industry by introducing two (2) brand new technologies certain to improve your home’s rain gutter performance:

  • The “Wave” Advanced Debris Shedding Technology
  • “Z” Bend Optimized Fitting Solution

While ordinary screens utilize a basic concave shape and common tension supported installation technique, the Advanced Gutter Guard from Rain Mizer pioneers both the “Wave”  screen surface technology as well as the “Z” bend fitting system.

The “Wave’s” unique “corrugated” top design optimizes debris removal from the screen much more rapidly than standard concave shaped guards.

Standard Gutter Guard

Standard Gutter Guard With It’s Antiquated Concave Shape

With basic concave screens, debris particles lie flat across the surface of the screen, preventing any wind or breeze from getting underneath debris to facilitate removal. The Advanced Gutter Guard’s “Wave” technology forces the debris to rest on the peaks of the “waves”, permitting wind to sweep underneath the debris and remove it more effectively. This action reduces the chance of debris lingering on the top of the screen and decreasing the flow of water into the gutter. Which in turn would force the rainwater to travel toward the front of the gutter and run off the front of the screen, removing the benefits of having a gutter system in the first place.

The “Z” Bend Fitting System assures that the back of the screen is at a higher elevation than the front, which assists with the quick removal of leaves and other debris.  It also allows the front of the screen to “snap” under the front of the gutter lip, giving the screen an aerodynamic and low profile, makeing it less noticeable from the ground.

The Advanced Gutter Guard from Rain Mizer is available in the three (3) most popular gutter sizes, 5″, 6″, and 7″.  It also works successfully with a majority of roof materials found in the Houston area, including Slate, Shake, Tile, Metal, Flat and Composite.

If you would like to have Rain Mizer’s Advanced Gutter Guard installed on your gutter system, contact Rain Mizer today!