Answers to Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

During the consultation and estimating process, our customers usually are interested in knowing the outcome to many of the following questions:

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Should I repair my gutters or replace them?

Many gutters can be re-pitched, reattached or resealed. However, after extended use deteriorating gutters can continue to cause foundation and staining problems. It’s usually more economical and attractive to replace them.

What is meant by seamless?

Your gutters are manufactured in one continuous length and installed to your specifications on site. Even though they are called seamless, there are seams on the ends where a cap is used and on corners using a miter.

What are the advantages of the various gutter metals?

  • Aluminum – Will not rust and is the least expensive product. Aluminum gutters come with a 25 year warrantee against cracking, peeling or chipping of the factory finish.
  • Galvanized Steel – Steel gutters are slightly thicker, more expensive and have a limited color selection.
  • Copper – Considered the most dramatic aesthetically, copper gutters will not rust, require no paint and are considered the longest lasting material currently for gutters.

What is the best kind of rain gutter?

In Houston, aluminum is the most commonly used material for gutters. Most homeowners choose aluminum because it is inexpensive, lightweight, rust free, and available in 24 colors. Although more expensive, seamless copper gutters carry a certain prestige and durability and can last for decades.

What is drip flashing?

Drip flashing is the metal edge that is installed up and under shingles at the fascia. This metal strip allows the back side of the gutter to be installed so water will flow off the roof and easily into the gutter

What is the best way to attach gutters?

Our experience has found the best way to attach gutters is with a 2 inch neoprene washer wood grip screw lined up with the rafter tails.

Which are better – gutter screens or covers?

There are several gutter protection systems available. Covers keep the smallest debris, like seed pods and pine needles from clogging the gutter. Gutter screens are more economical and work well against larger debris such as twigs and broad leaves. www.leaf-relief.com

What do you charge for estimates?

There is absolutely no charge for providing estimates.

Why does Rain Mizer not require a 50% down payment?

We know that our customers appreciate making a single payment once they are completely satisfied with our installation.
(Note: Copper gutter installs, Advanced Gutter Guard Screen installs, and Deluxe Gutter Guard Screen installs require a half down deposit.)

What forms of payment are acceptable?

We accept all major credit cards, personal checks and cashier’s checks.

Do you offer a customer satisfaction guarantee?

Certainly. We will provide a written guarantee when requested.

Can I get references?

Absolutely. We’ll be glad to provide several references. Please see customer feedback for on-line customer comments.